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Get the Facts

  • 90 percent of individuals served in the Peoria Area Food Bank service area is food insecure, meaning they lack regular access to safe and nutritious food
  • 32 percent of the members of households served by Peoria Area Food Bank are children under the age of 18 years old
  • 90 percent of individuals served by Peoria Area Food Bank have a high school diploma or higher education
  • 87 percent of individuals served by Peoria Area Food Bank report purchasing the cheapest food available, even if they know it’s not the healthiest option
  • 2.8 percent of families served by Peoria Area Food Bank report having at least one member that has served in the military

Learn facts about senior hunger from the National Council of Aging Care by clicking here.



There are approximately 18,000 kids who struggle with hunger in our area. Set an extra plate at your table and leave it empty. Let the plate be a reminder that too many individuals in our community do not have enough to eat each day.


Help us spread the word about those struggling with hunger in our area by sharing the video above with your friends and family.


Just $1 can provide 5 meals for kids in our service area.  Donate today!